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MK Palmore

  • → Keynote Speaker on Leadership & Cybersecurity
    Zone Leadership for The Professional: In this insightful presentation, MK Palmore introduces the concept of Zone Leadership, a transformative approach that focuses on individual self-awareness and the intrinsic challenges leaders face. Zone Leadership emphasizes the importance of understanding one’s own leadership gaps, the pressures that life imposes on our professional behaviors, and the pivotal role of placing people at the heart of every decision. Palmore will discuss how leaders can enhance their effectiveness by recognizing and addressing their personal and professional vulnerabilities. He will explore how life’s pressures—such as stress, work-life balance, and unexpected crises—impact decision-making and leadership styles. Central to his talk is the idea that true leadership excellence comes from a deep commitment to prioritizing human factors in governance and management. Leadership for Youngsters: In this enlightening talk, MK Palmore, a recognized authority on leadership, explores the fundamental principles of nurturing leadership qualities among young people. Drawing from his extensive experience and insights, Palmore discusses the imperative of early leadership development and its transformative impact on individuals and communities. The talk is structured around the key themes and practical lessons from his book, Leadership for Youngsters, which serves as a valuable resource for both young leaders and their mentors. The Cybersecurity Challenge: In this compelling talk, MK Palmore, an expert in cybersecurity and leadership, addresses the escalating challenges that cybersecurity poses to businesses globally. With an increasing reliance on digital infrastructure, organizations are finding themselves at a crossroads—balancing innovation with risk management in an evolving threat landscape. Palmore discusses the profound impact of cybersecurity breaches on business operations, reputation, and compliance. This session will also delve into the deepening crisis in the cybersecurity workforce. Palmore will highlight the critical shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals and the necessity for strategic investment in talent development to safeguard the future of businesses. Attendees will gain insights into effective strategies for recruiting, training, and retaining cybersecurity talent, and the importance of fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptability within their organizations.
  • → Board Member | Non-Profit Executive
    Served on multiple Boards of Directors in the not for profit space Supporter of Veteran's Causes Advisory Board Member for early stage private companies
  • → Advocate for Diversity & Inclusion
    Speaker and consultant on corporate diversity issues Leader and supporter of multiple employee resource groups Leader of DEI focused initiatives


About MK

MK was born and raised in Washington, D.C.  It’s no surprise he was influenced daily and at an early age by the formative sights and sounds of our government at work.  As a youth, he had already decided to embark on a career of service.  This led him to the shores of Annapolis, where he was a midshipman at the United States Naval Academy, and afterward as a commissioned officer in the United States Marine Corps.  


Following his military service, MK began a 22-year journey as a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a key player behind numerous high-level investigations and an early combatant in the fight against cybercrime.  During this impressive career of public service, MK honed his leadership skills, rounding out his tenure in an executive position leading the cybersecurity investigative teams of FBI San Francisco.


MK is currently an executive in the technology sector; a leader in the non-profit space; an advisory board member and a frequent international speaker on the subjects of leadership and cybersecurity.

MK Palmore - Keynote Speaker on Leadership & Cybersecurity, Board Member, Non-Profit Executive, Advocate for Diversity & Inclusion

An internationally recognized speaker,

MK Palmore has spoken for:

The Wall Street Journal
Charles Schwab
First republic
RSA Conference
Pepperdine University
GISEC Global

Leadership Skills: An imperative to success in modern business

Cultivating leadership skills and dedicating ongoing effort to their development throughout a professional career is crucial. Leadership entails more than just managing people; it involves the ability to inspire, motivate, and steer a team towards common objectives. Effective leaders can create a positive workplace atmosphere, boost productivity, and drive innovation within their organizations. By consistently enhancing their leadership abilities, professionals can better navigate changing challenges, improve their decision-making skills, and strengthen connections with colleagues and stakeholders.

MK speaks on the future of cybersecurity for global enterprises - “There needs to be a higher level of regulation. I envision a future where being audited, maintaining necessary insurance levels, and using standard frameworks are common requirements for conducting business in international markets. We already see similar government involvement in almost every aspect of our lives, from the vehicles we drive to the planes we use for both personal and business travel. The private sector must play a crucial role in this scenario. The first step would be to participate in the development of the regulatory frameworks that all partners will follow."”

Leadership for Youngsters

Preparing our children for future challenges is crucial, and leadership skills are often the key to both personal and group success.

Starting conversations about leadership with your teens is more important than ever. Using the framework of the US Marine Corps' 14 Leadership Traits, the book centers on the topic of leadership through the journey of Xavier.

Encourage your teens to explore these vital skills by reading along with them. Dive into the story of Xavier as he learns what it means to lead from the front.


This shared reading experience is a perfect way to introduce them to essential leadership qualities in an engaging and relatable way.

Leadership for Youngsters Book

"Empowering your children to become strong leaders is one of the most impactful contributions you can make to their success in a challenging world."

– MK Palmore

“Leadership is like any other discipline.  It requires us to engage; be open to new ideas; to learn from our own experiences; learn from the practice successes and failures of others and build on what we have learned to better our own delivery.  The title, The Leadership Student, is an acknowledgement that we are all on a continuous path of learning, growth and development."
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