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Resilience Part Deux

The importance of resilience as a trait is not new to me. Some years ago, I wrote a piece on the importance of grit and resilience and how it serves as the x-factor for success. As I was out running the other day and my mind began to drift, as is common for me, I began to think about how this current crisis is testing the resilience of many (both businesses and individuals). These are challenging times which present some of the greatest uncertainty I’ve seen in my short life of half-a-century. There is a meme circulating around which states that we should all be using this period to launch our “side-hustle,” or some variation of the theme which states we should not be wasting this time of sheltering-in-place. Don’t allow your days to be filled wallowing in discontent, rather exercise your mind to explore options which will enhance your personal outcomes. The goal is to be shot out of canon coming out of this period; stronger, more resilient and having laid the groundwork for the thing that will ensure your ongoing growth, success and survival. 

This side-hustle is different for everyone; maybe it's a management consulting practice; maybe you have decided to launch a social media marketing operation; maybe you have finally set aside the time to write the next great American novel (I can’t wait to read it). Whatever your passion, I hope you are not sitting idle waiting for greatness to find you. One of the leadership traits I'm prone to favor is decisiveness. The phrase "prone to action" has always resonated with me. I have taken this imperative as part of my ongoing personal mantra which translates to plan, decide and act. In the Marines we would often simply say pick a direction and start moving. This idea of acting and rejecting the idle nature of the times we find ourselves in will be what differentiates survivors from those who will simply fall behind. Use this period of uncertainty as a period of growth. Learn to thrive even in uncertainty.

So, double-down on that dream. Adopt a sense of urgency around your life’s plan. Once the spigot of the economy is turned back on in full force your time will no longer be your own. Come out of this experience with resolve to move to the next level. Survivors win; resilience breeds success. View this obstacle as a useful pause and not an impediment to success. Every obstacle is surmountable given enough time, energy, ingenuity and resilience. What are you doing right now to ensure your future success? Get it done!

MK Palmore is a life-long security professional and speaker on the topics of leadership, enterprise risk management, crisis planning & response and diversity.

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