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The Path Forward in 2016 – A Quick Hit Post!

As we welcome the new year we are all drawn to the idea of a clean slate. We have developed an ability to view the new year with a sense of high optimism.  What, if anything, will the new year bring us?  What types of leadership challenges will we face?  At the end of it all, what will we have accomplished?  Our attitudes and actions guide most of what we accomplish, so for those looking to achieve great things my suggestion is quite simple; ACT and ACT NOW!

I’m personally continuing a long professional trek.  It’s a journey I started many years ago in my youth and am now closer to the finish than the beginning.  I was always attracted to the long-game as the sprint was never a true showing of my leadership abilities.  As I march towards the end of this path, in another year of hopeful personal growth, I have outlined some professional expectations for the coming year.

  1. Further Develop My Professional Competencies

The world has become very technical.  As luck would have it, my profession puts me very near the development of important issues in our technically driven society.  Each time I am exposed to some facet of this expansive landscape, I understand there is much to be learned.  In addition to my day to day development through exposure; I intend to read, take courses, attend seminars and continue my probing of this fascinating time in our history.

  1. Add Another Critical Tool to the Kit

In the earlier paragraph I spoke about professional competencies, but I also believe its important to balance professional aspirations with those of your personal life.  This topic is broad.  It could be a hobby or even a personal characteristic.  I simply want to accumulate abilities that will help me to navigate the intricacies of my life.

  1. Provide Mentorship 

Mentoring is the key to the development of our youth (in life and in the workplace).  I’ve never had a mentor, but I recognize those vital turning points in my past where I could have used some sage advice.  If I am in a position to provide this kind of guidance to a colleague, I would like to recognize it and be a much needed sounding board.

  1. Experience The Success of Sown Seeds

Like any leader, I understand the slow nature of some implementations. This coming year I would like to begin to see the sprouting of some of the ideas I rely heavily on as a leader of very talented people. I like to think I serve a strategic role in my team. I try not to get into the weeds of things at my level and have learned to rely heavily on the “talent.” I have provided a ton of space to my line supervisors with high expectations of growth and productivity.

As usual, this list should not be considered comprehensive, but as I look into my minds eye and begin to develop a vision of what to expect in the coming months these are the topics which rise to the top.

What professional benchmarks have you set and what are your professional priorities for 2016?  Whatever they are, here’s to you and your growth.

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